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10 Valuable Life Lessons Only A ‘Naagin’ Can Teach You

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After slithering their way to the hearts of the viewers, the Naagins are back with season 3 and the chatter (or should I say the hisssss…) around the show made me want to find out more about it…

Naagin is a story of love, revenge, and constant conflict.

While doing my research I also figured that there are many lessons we can take from the Naagins of the serial “Naagin”.

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  1. Take a stand of yourself. Even if that means turning into a Naagin at your shaadi ka mandap.naagin in bridal look-entertainsites

2Never settle for less, especially when it comes to sex.Never agree to less, particularly with regards to sex. If your girl is not good with her tongue, show him how to do itnaagin with tounge-entertainsites

 3Personal space is important, protect it.

A touch of individual space and brief period out of each other is constantly sound for a relationship to work and last.


   4. Always be yourself, unless you can be a naagin, then be a naaginmauni roy-naagin-entertainsites

   5. Go with the flow.

There is no such thing as ‘right’ place and time for making out.

Naagin in romance-entertainsites   6.Stand tall in front of any challenge that life throws at you.

Mauni as Naagin-entertainsites  7.Adapting to situations is the key to conquering life.Naagin-entertainsites

  8.If there is fire in you, let it show.

Naagin 3

  9.Maintain a healthy eye contact, even with your enemies.


 10.You can be a power ranger, if only you believe.


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